Here is your Task, Should you Choose to Accept it

Jane and Hayley,

Here is a little task for you regarding setting up the new business.

We need to define who our target audience is, what they require that we can provide and eventually what products/services we will offer.

Our overall aim is to help people lead a more fulfilled life by running their own business in a niche they are passionate about. Affiliate marketing may be used as a tool for education, but is not to be the end goal  

To begin this, we have defined 3 different customer segments

  • 9 to 5’ers:
    People who were just like you were before joining SFM
  • New entrepreneurs:
    People in the same situation as you are now.
  • Small business owners:
    People who already have a business but for some reason need to embrace online marketing.

We would like you each to fill in a Customer Avatar and a Before and After grid ( copies below)for each customer segment. We will do the same and then in the new year we can discuss and combine.

Do not worry at this stage about the products/services section. We will add those when we have the rest combined.

Watch the 2 videos below regarding the before and after grid. These talk specifically about copywriting, but are applicable to the business in general.

Please do not share these videos with anyone else.

Before and After Grid
Customer Avatar-Female
Customer Avatar-Male

For more info regarding the Avatar​​Customer Avatar-Male