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Why does a 65-year-old Engineer become a marketer?

  • February 27, 2018

This is not as strange as you may think.  

The quick answer could be that my wife Beverley has been a traditional marketer for over 40 years who realised that the future of her industry was online. With my technical background, I decided to help out with things such as website building etc.

But then I discovered something I never expected. Engineering and marketing are very similar. They are based on problem-solving for either yourself or someone else.

In my engineering career, I was involved in “Industrial Control Systems[1]” most of my life, so yes I am one of those “Devil’s” who was instrumental in introducing automation and putting people out of work. Actually, this is not the case, but we will leave that discussion for another time.

In implementing a project I would ascertain what the client required as a desired end result, discover where they were currently, and then plot a path using solutions I developed to take them along the desired path.

This is called problem-solving, and I discovered that it is exactly the same process as marketing. We just utilise different tools and the skills to use those tools.

And this is not unique to Engineering and Marketing. All life is about relationships, and that is what this process is, Building Relationships between individuals, so we can help each other achieve our goals.

I am still a Consultant Engineer and this has now become a 2-way street for me. I am applying my project based engineering skills to Marketing, but also utilising the skills and insights acquired through my marketing education to my engineering business.

In both industries, individuals “don’t know, what they don’t know” and it is up to us with the knowledge to inform them what are the possibilities.

I am now passionate about both of these because in both cases I can help individuals achieve their goals.

Many may make more money than me, but if they do not get the fulfilment out of what they do for others, they will never be happy.