This is my personal "Lock Down" Story of how I became an entrepreneur with my own Marketing Agency and how my experience can now help you!

1. The Cause

In 2014 I had a severe reaction to a mosquito bite received on holiday, which eventually put me in hospital for several weeks, requiring a skin graft after the removal of a tendon from my leg.

To compound matters, whilst I was in hospital I was made redundant.


2. Mindset

My mindset was low, my depression apparent, I was irritable. 

What was I going to do?

3. Assets

I realised I needed to do something from home, something I had never done before.

I had been in Sales & Marketing for 40 years, trained by a London Agency J.Walter Thomson. I had also run my own small businesses in many different industries.

4. A Solution Appears

I had experience & knowledge, but none of it that I could utilise in my current situation, unless I could do it online, a medium I had no experience of.

I was lucky in that my husband Ed, an engineer was very familiar with the online world.

I searched online for something where I could utilise my existing skills. I found a programme where I could be taught how to do online marketing. 

Ed and I decided to do it together, even though he was still in his full time job.

5. Progress

After a progressive time of learning our new skills, we set up our own Marketing Agency and a year later we were accepted as Certified Partners for DigitalMarketer, one of the largest Marketing Education Companies in the world.

6. Currently

Now we spend our days helping others to get started or to improve their current business.

 How Can this Help You?

The program that got us started on our journey has recently been updated and you can get access here.

We trust these people totally. They really do run this program to help individuals like you and us.

Here is the chance to learn some new skills, to build your own future.

Even when and if you return to work, things may never be the same again.

Some companies are already seeing the advantages of people working from home, instead of paying high office rents.  

So while you have no need to commute, there's time to build your own future and take control of your own destiny.

To find out more about this training, which could change your life, click the button below and watch the video.

You will not regret it