Is Your Marketing Strategy Clear?

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Why do you need a Marketing Strategy?

The Problem:

Your marketing strategy is one of the most important stages of a successful business. It is the process of setting a solid foundation in order to grow. You can’t just start somewhere with a hope that everything will fall into place by itself. This will be one of the biggest tasks you undertake in your business and it needs to be flexible.

The Solution 1:

If you have a team, take at least half a day together to discuss your plan, with tools and tactics. Share your ideas with each other on the best way to build your business.

The Solution 2:

If you don’t have a team, it’s just yourself or maybe two, it will be worth the investment of hiring an expert who will guide you in the best way to go forward. 

The Solution 3:

Set up a calendar with the tasks you need to do and when they need to be done by.

Have regular content/video/ads going out to your audience. 

The Solution 4:

Most important of all, check the analytics to see what is working and where. Keep in regular touch with your people. 

About the author 

Beverley Hutton

Beverley is passionate about helping startups and small businesses get the marketing advice they need to achieve success.Beverley has been involved with Marketing for over 40 years, starting her career with J. Walter Thompson in Mayfair, London, before moving on to work for subsidiaries.Beverley then ran her own small businesses in various customer facing industries and has been involved in Retail and Hotel Management.This gives her vast experience in the areas of Managing and Marketing small businesses.

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