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A websites job is to articulate the prospects journey from a current "Before State" to a desired "After State"

Before a website can be designed, it's purpose needs to be defined.

 This could be a number of things:

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    Increase Brand Recognition
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    Educate visitors by distributing valuable content
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    Pu​t your offer in front of interested potential customers
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Here at Beverley Hutton Marketing  we design landing pages/websites to suit the goals of our client's so that they get a high score on a 15 - point Landing Page Audit as shown here.

This audit was produced by DigitalMarketer one of the most respected Digital marketing agency's in the world and who we work with closely and are a Certified Partner.

Here at BHM we endeavour to keep up to date with the latest trends, the current one being video and so we invest heavily in the products and training required to facilitate these to produce a better product for our clients.

Our 3-Step Approach to Web Design

Beverley Hutton Marketing provide services to our clients at 3 levels, dependant on their needs.


If you would like to build and maintain your own site we can help by 

  1. Providing access to domain name purchase and hosting
  2. Most sites today are based on the wordpress platform which is an excellent choice and we use 100% of the time. But wordpress in it's basic form is not the easiest platform to use, so we can provide add-ons  to the platform for a much more satisfying experience.
  3. We can also provide basic recorded training for the above.


If you require more help with building your site, we can provide the products and basic training mentioned above, and also work directly with you to produce a site which you can then go on to maintain yourself.


We can also build your complete site for you, based on a specification we will jointly define. After build if you require we can also maintain the site.

All our services can be combined to provide you with a complete solution

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Email marketing
Facebook Ads
Video Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Dave Plummer

I have found your assistance invaluable


Hi Bev and Ed,

I thank you for your patience as I am a perfectionist, the new site is spot on.

May I also say I have found your assistance invaluable, all be it I am a fairly seasoned person around the the internet, web sites frustrate the hell out of me. Your time given to me has made the process relatively stress free.

I will be back for more.

Speak soon,

Cheers Dave P.

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