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  • February 25, 2018

13 Ways to Hack Facebook Ads: A Digital Marketer Hack Guide

By Ryan Deiss and Molly Pittman
DigitalMarketer and DigitalStrategyBootcamps.com

13 Ways to Hack Facebook Ads: A Digital Marketer Hack Guide

We spend $250,000 a month on Facebook advertising in order to establish best practices and report them to people like you. This isn’t an academic report. We give real data and actionable steps. In this book, we explain 13 best hacks that have made a life and death difference in our business.

We stay on top of all the trends… and set a few along the way. 

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, you’ve struck gold. You’ll learn what has taken us countless hours (and dollars) to test so that you can begin advertising the right way the first time.

If you’re a grizzled Facebook advertising veteran with the scars to prove it, you’ll find it interesting to compare notes with us. 

Facebook is evolving into a platform where people come for entertainment and news. They come to connect with family and friends. They come often.

The rapid growth and robust options for Facebook advertising have made this a place you can utilize for best advertising options. Facebook is the easiest vehicle for building an email list and growing your business.

This is a guide providing tips, tricks, and hacks for generating the most benefits out of Facebook advertising.

We take the most beneficial Facebook features and break down how you can use them and why they’re necessary in making you unbeatable in your market.

13 Ways to Hack Facebook Ads proves that Facebook advertising can be successful in any market—as long as you have the building blocks to increase engagement and reach your audience. We show you how.

You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not utilizing the hacks we give you to make Facebook ads work for YOU.