5 Great Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed

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Why do you need Marketing Tips?

The Problem:

It’s a well- known fact that 30% of small businesses fail within the first two years and up to 60% in 5 years.These Marketing Tips will help you succeed and beat those odds.

But Why, and What can we do to avoid being one of those statistics?

A major factor is poor or no marketing. Without customers you will not survive.

The Solution:

A key factor, a must, is the lack of a long- term marketing  plan, i.e. have the end results in mind.

People in business know their craft, whether it’s plumbing, woodworking, beautician or whatever their personal skill may be, but in general they are not marketers.

Marketing is a vast subject which can be overwhelming and expensive, in time and money, if not done correctly.

You would not generally start to build a house without a plan, so why should you do it for your business.

When building a house you either employ an architect or learn how to do it yourself. 

To get you on the right track here are 5 Marketing tips to help you succeed.

Marketing Tip 1

Firstly, you need to determine who your audience is, narrow is down as precisely as you can.

  • Are you able to solve their problem?
  • Will your product/service be the right one for them?
  • Do some research as to where your audience hang out.
  • Which platforms are they using? - Social Media, Forums etc.

This will tell you where to start your marketing.

Marketing Tip 2

Running smaller campaigns, rather than a single big one, are better to start with, as you can test and adapt to fit your criteria.

Give your campaign a chance to work.

We have seen so many people, who claim nothing works, stop what is running and give up.


Marketing Tip 3

Try more than one  ad running at the same time with  slight differences.

This could be a different image or a slight change in the headline.

Using images and  videos as well as text will help to attract your audience.

Keep testing and tracking to determine what is attracting potential customers.

Marketing Tip 4

Another way of attracting your audience is to give value.

People are extremely cautious and unlikely to buy at the first look.

"Most of us check something out 6-8 times before getting our wallet out."

Again, this requires patience. If it doesn’t work and it rarely does the 1st time, don’t regard it as failure.

We learn from failure, it’s an important part of the process in marketing.

Marketing Tip 5

You  need to encourage your audience to participate by offering them a CTA (call to action or Tell Them What to Do) to get your offer.

Make it bright and catchy enough for them to want to pull the trigger.

This can be a button saying Learn More, Subscribe, Sign Up, Shop Now etc.

About the author 

Beverley Hutton

Beverley is passionate about helping startups and small businesses get the marketing advice they need to achieve success.Beverley has been involved with Marketing for over 40 years, starting her career with J. Walter Thompson in Mayfair, London, before moving on to work for subsidiaries.Beverley then ran her own small businesses in various customer facing industries and has been involved in Retail and Hotel Management.This gives her vast experience in the areas of Managing and Marketing small businesses.

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